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Pizza T is founder of the first open source music and art community known as Z-Kamp.

The idea of Z-Kamp formed through the conceptual jam band known as Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience (2005-2012).

In 2005 Pizza T gathered lcoal artists from Washington state area to form a band that had a special purpose. That special purpose was to see if it's possible to use music, art, and community to find a purpose in this life. What was discovered is our purpose is "LIFE" and to use music, art, community, science and technology to sustain it.

Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience traveled across the United States and released a Trilogy music album that explained the discoveries along the way.
The Trilogy was released via Itunes, Amazon, and bandcamp and are now available FREE open source styles here at www.zkamp.com

Once the final installement of the Trilogy was released, Pizza T declared that Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience has done all it can and is now over...... Then announced "Now anyone can start their own Z-Kamp band and use all the music from the Trilogy as an open source starting point for new Z-Kamp bands."

Since that announcement in 2012 Pizza T moved to Rockford, Illinois and set up the new Z-Kamp homebase. Yet Pizza T had new obstacles at hand, which was managing and helping the new active open source Z-Kamp community.
Z-Kamp bandz started forming and the fanz kept growing. Pizza T has traveled back to the original Z-Kamp homebase of Olympia, Washington to keep up with the demand for Z-Kamp events.
As of 2014 Pizza T has completed his first new era open source Z-Kamp album under the self titled act Pizza T. It too is open source and can be downloaded here at www.zkamp.com "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD"


list of cover songs

1. Terrapin Station
2. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony
3. Fire on the Mountain
4. Cedar Laurel
5. Kangaroo
6. Take the Money and Run
7. Back to da Hotel
8. Stash
9. Ieasha
10. Down by the Bay
11. Dare to be Stupid
12. Uncle John's Band
13. Weak
14. Scarlet Beganias
15. Character Zero
16. Best Feeling Ever
17. Divided Sky
18. Bird Song
19. Dirt
20. Smells Like Nirvana
21. Lollipop
22. Roller Skate "Steal Pulse"
23. China-Rider
24. Ain't Nutin' but a G' Thang



These are some of Pizza T favorite covers and, on top of his new material, he can also play any song from the open source Z-Kamp songs from the original PIzza T's Z-Kamp experience.

Pizza T has entered a new world of interactive community art. Playing via the internet, to teaming up with other Z-Kamp bands, Pizza T does it all. He is a master in the art of midi guitar, computer music, organic nstrumentation and live performance. He has a degree in art from The Evergreen State College; home of Matt Groening, Macklemore, and many others.


Like bitcoins and Microsoft in the 80's, Pizza T is the real deal and you might as well jump on the Z-Kamp train. It's a mighty fun ride, and who knows.... maybe you will start your own Z-Kamp band???


Pizza T in the media and other highlights

2005 - The Olympian News Paper "winner of the OlyRock CD project"

2006 - Toured to Vermont from hometown of Olympia, WA. This did not make the media but is important because this is the first thing Pizza T'z Z-Kamp experience did.

2007 - Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience had a big articel in Star Magazine due to George Clooney dating Pizza T's ex-girfriend.

2008 - News of the World does a demoralizing untrue story about Pizza T before they go bankrupt due to fraud and corruption. Unfortunalty Pizza T was a victim in the News of the World wiretap shinanigans.

2009 - Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience opened for Donna Jean and the Tricksters at the Broundage Mountain Music Festival in Brundage, ID

2010 - Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience and the fans funraised 800 dollars to place a big add in RELIX magazine to celebrate the final installemnt of the Trilogy.

2011 - Pizza T was asked to produce the song "Christmas is Coming" by The Singing Mechanic for Sounds Familiar. This was all because The Singing Mechanic loved the sound of the 3rd installation of the Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience Trilogy called "Iwannago".

2012 Pizza T's performance on Thurston County Televesion of "I'm an Obamakin" is used by The Huffington Post for The Top 10 Craziest Public Access Shows Ever.

2013 One of Pizza T's youtube videos was used on CNN to talk about Big Bird and Obama.
Also in 2013 Pizza T starts Gathering of Da Kampz. This is when all the Z-Kamp Bandz, Fanz and zkamperz throw a Gathering of Da Kamp in their area on the same day and interact and document via the internet. It was a success with Gathering of Da Kampz happeing across 10 States. Many were posted to youtube.

2014 Pizza T releases his first album under his own Z-Kamp band called Pizza T Ondagrid and is setting about his first tour in the new era of Z-Kamp set for mid August.


Pizza T is also a substitute school teacher, jam band enthusiast, and a father of 3. Pizza T has a fanbase that is very loyal. In the summer of 2013 a super fan he met only twice showed up on his door step over 2000 miles without notice. People send him presents and Z-Kamp art in the mail regularly. That is what keeps him going.


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