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Z-Kamp is an open source music, art, and fan based community. Z-Kamp is also based on the history of Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience (2005-2012) Olympia, Washington and the philosophies from the musical trilogy they released. In 2012 Z-Kamp was formed once Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience released the final installment of their trilogy. Since 2012 anyone can form a Z-Kamp band and use any material from the Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience trilogy as starting material. It's encouraged to throw your own Z-Kamp shows and write new Z-Kamp songs. Z-Kamp is also an artistic style and many non musicians make Z-Kamp art; sometimes to help support other Z-Kamp bands or Z-Kamp based events. A fan art section to this site is soon to come. In 2013, Gathering of Da Kampz Formed as a day in which all zkamperz create a Z-Kamp event in their current hometown. Also, Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience created the event called Z-Kamp Nationalz in 2010 and it still happens every year. Z-Kamp Nationalz is a centralized location for Z-Kamp bands to gather to have a SUPER EVENT featuring Z-Kamp Art and Z-Kamp Bands.

Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience formed in 2005 as an idea/ concept art project. The mission was to use music, art and community to travel the United States in search of the secret of life. Our mission was then reported in a musical Trilogy. The Trilogy Started production in 2005. The first Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience show was on Jan 7th 2006 at Le Voyeur in Olympia, WA. is a great way to hear many old Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience shows. Many of these shows have various formation of the names. Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience was very open to new members, new travelers, new helpers and new names. Everyone that joined would take on a Pizza name like Pizza T. That tradition still lives on and new zkamperz go as far to use additional Pizza toppings and pizza archetypes.

Every year the name would morph and then by the next year always change back to Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience. Thats why part 2 of the Trilogy is called The Z-Kamp Express. At that moment in time it was called that. Then when mentioned in Star Magazine 2008 the band was called Pizza T and the Z-Kamp Express. The idea was for one day a band called only Z-Kamp would form. That day has come and that day is once a year at Z-Kamp Nationalz when all the zkamperz get together. Then the last act is a select group of various members from all the present Z-Kamp bands.

As of now Z-Kamp headquarters is based in Belvidere, Illinois and operated by Pizza T and anyone that wants to help from around the world.

Pizza T is working on a sequel Trilogy to the original Z-Kamp Trilogy.

Z-Kamp is also competing head to head with Google. A custom Google Pizza T hybrid search engine is the homepage of this site. When you use that search engine then Google has to give us a cut of the profits made. Please set your homepage to Tell a phriend about and how you can download everything for free and even start your own Z-Kamp band and join the adventure of Z-Kamp.


A structure created by and for the Z-Kamp official community that helps Sustain our lives and phuture generations. If a structure fits these simple definitions then it is one of the Sustainuhdomez.

How it works:

The Z-Kamp bands and Zkampers work together to make the Sustainuhdomez a reality. By creating music about Sustainuhdomez, fundraising, tithing, donating, teamwork, science and technology etc... together we create the Sustainuhdomez. There is an official Z-Kamp council that helps maintain the guidelines and functionality of the Sustainuhdomez. Also, there is the Z-Kamp Phoundation which has an account that is only for the first Sustainuhdomez. The money is this account is not to be touched until it reached an amount that the official council agrees can build the first Sustainuhdomez. Anyone that is in an official Z-Kamp band or is an official Zkamperz gets to live and survive in the first of the Sustainuhdomez.

Sustainuhdomez pictures

Sustainuhdomez pictures 2

Can you create your own? Make it as crazy as ever or as scientific as possible. There is no wrong or right Sustainuhdomez, only ideas worth looking into. email pictures to

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