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The Chronicles of Pizza T
An ongoing story by Pizza T

It all started when my mother gave birth to me. Yet I did not become Pizza T until 2004. I used to be known as O-Nuts and Thomas Jackson. This page is an ongoing self written story about when my musical adventure began. Join my any of my social networks to informed when another chapter is done.

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Chapter 1 To give birth to a Pizza

My older brother was born in 1977. Why start my story before I was born? That's because he was my first experience with music. He was my first known real life rocker and I was his first real life fan. He influenced me and made me challenge myself. his name is MACDAWG. Not the Macdawg Production dude, that's a snow boarder dude. Macdawg is a musician that sold more cassette tapes on the of Washington State than any person known in the Great Northwest. Lucky me to have a brother pouring into my brain all sorts of crazy stuff. He got serious into the piano from almost as early as I can remember. We had a toy piano in our room but it was a toy piano we would flip upside down and bang on. When flipped upside down you could see and touch the metal rods that the keys hit to make sound. You could strum em like a harp. That was hours of fun. Strumming the upside down piano was probably my first memory. I must of been 2 years old when this occurred. Then my memory jumps to my brother taking piano lessons, I had to of been in Kindergarten. He would play play play. I remember him playing piano and taking breaks only to trade Garbage Pail Kids.

We had an upright piano and I too took piano lessons in the first grade. I did not last as long as my brother in lessons, though I did like to experiment and jam. At times I would find creative ways to fustrate my brother. My favorite was to pretend to be like Charles mixed with a savy jazz player and just play random notes while my brother was in the room. Though I did practice on making my experiemental jams sound good when no one was around. My little sister would be sitting on the piano bench with me and I would play her one of these make believe songs and she would cheer inbetween each song. Then my brother would say "You don't really know what your doinf!" Then I would ask my sister which was probably 8 years old if it sounded like I knew what I was doing and she would say "YES!" I would then challenge him to a piano battle. To me it was always a silly joke and I knew that my brother was actually way better than me when it came to reading music and normal style jamming. But when my brother got an electric guitar a few months after I started guitar lessons on an acoustic, (this acoustic has its own story I will get to later) So he stared playing and I got scared. I knew he would surpase me like asap if I did not focus focus focus. Which is kinda hard for me to do. I can't even play the same video game longer than 5 minutes.


Chapter 1 will be continued.

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