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Anyone can start a Z-Kamp band based on a few loose rules.
In 2012 Z-Kamp became an open source project based on Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience and the Trilogy they released (2005-2012).

1. Listen to the Original Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience Trilogy -click here-
(You can use any of this material openly without being sued)

2. Find some friends that wanna join or do it solo.

3. Come up with a name based on something you heard in the trilogy or something Z-Kamp themed. For example a Portland Z-Kamp band called themselves Sustainuhtonez after the Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience song "Sustainuhdomez"

4. Tell Pizza T about your new Z-Kamp band so he can add you to the list of Z-Kamp bands. This will also enter you in the chance to play Z-Kamp Nationalz which happens once a year. He will also add you to the Gathering of the Kampz group which is a way for Z-Kamp acts to stick together and communicate.

5. Set up a Z-Kamp show or festival or party in your backyard and TELL THE WORLD! If you tell Pizza T about your shows he can post it on this website or somewhere relevant on the internet to let other zkamperz know about it.

6. Start writting Z-Kamp themed songs to add to the Z-Kamp Song Book.

7. Search the web with Set your home screen to and spread the word. Doing this will gain us access to money that would normally go to google, yahoo, bing, etc... By using as a search engine puts that money into our pockets. Together we shall build Sustainuhdomez and live beyond the experation date of our planet.

Remember you can download all the best Z-Kamp studio albums free in the JAMZ section of this website.

Did you know that the third Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience album Iwannago does not contain the song Iwannago? The first Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience album contains the song Iwannago.

Support Z-Kamp by making us your homepage! Search and find great dealz at

In the last 2 years Z-Kamp has grown into a movement with members all across the United States.
Many Z-Kamp bands have come and gone since 2012.

(Some Z-Kamp bands are only intended to last for 1 show)
(Some die out like any normal band)

Here is a list of debanded Z-Kamp bands.

Sustainuhtonez (Portland Oregon)
The Z-Kamp Phamily Band (all over)
Transtech (Bellingham, Washington)
Space Kamp (Arizona)
Doobie Monkeys (Seattle, Washington)
Pizza T project Z-Kamp (Belvidere, Illinois)

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