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Z-Kamp Fanz are amazing! Once you become a Fan you also become part of the Z-Kamp movement. Z-Kamp fanz and bandz are also known as zkamperz.

Z-Kamp is a community and social effort to use music, art, and teamwork to survive our species many generations to come with or without Earth.


Start by listening to the original Pizza T's Z-Kamp experience Trilogy "click here"
Watch some epic Z-Kamp moments "click here"
Now start your own Z-Kamp moments and document them.

If you contact Pizza T he can give you special Z-Kamp missionz. And if you have a Z-Kamp moment
captured on film, audio, a picture.... etc Then email it to and he can add it to the official Z-Kamp Youtube
or here at!

Once your a Z-Kamper you can claim you SET UP Z-Kamp everytime you set up to Kamp Out at a festival, if you throw a show,
or if you feel like you just did something tottaly Z-Kamp 4 Life like telling someone on the street or creating art.


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